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  From conceptual idea to construction


To build a ULO-storage facility is a project that requires expertise and planning. When a fruit grower which is contemplating to build a ULO-storage facility, contact us, the first step we take is to initiate a dialog to really understand his requirements after which we jointly make a sketch design as a first option.

We use standard size modules, which has as an advantage that, besides lowering the overall construction costs, it reduces the time necessary to create a construction plan and based on that a quotation. Generally you can count on three months from receiving and accepting a quotation to the start of the construction of the storage itself. This is partly due to the term of delivery for the different parts of the facility, such as the cooling system, doors and wall parts which generally have a delivery time of between four to seven weeks. The construction time of the ULO-storage itself takes approximately five weeks.

The busiest period of the year for constructing ULO-storages is the summer: the months of July and August. These months are generally holiday months which therefore generally cause delays in receiving the various parts of the building as mentioned above. 

An ideal planning could look as follows:

Summer and Autumn: Development of project.

Winter: tendering and applying for and obtaining the different approvals from authorities.

Spring: construction of the ULO-storage facility.