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  Negotiation support and advisory services


Saarloos offers a new service. With more than 30 years of experience in the ULO-construction sector, Leendert Saarloos is a real expert in this area. When seeking quotations from different construction companies, it can happen that these are not complete or that the quality of the building materials offered in the different quotations differ dramatically. Saarloos can help you to plan and realize a ULO-storage through our negotiating and advisory service, without requiring you to use our company for construction of the facility.

Below, we explain more about this service.

The first step is to make a sketch design based on the company’s requirements. This process may take a lot of time. Often, the fruit grower has an idea about what he wants, but it needs to be "translated" into a technical needs- and detailed plan. In Saarloos new service we help the fruit grower to create a list of their requirements (items/parts) which as a tender can be sent to the different construction companies which build ULO-storage facilities.

When asking different companies for quotes, it is very important that these quotes are composed of the same items. One needs to be able to compare "like with like". But, even then, if one company offers a lower price compared to another company, this could be due to a difference in the cost of certain materials etc. This makes it difficult to compare such quotes if one is not being a real expert in the area.

This tender document for the facility to be constructed can be sent to the contractors when asking for a quote. In this way, the risk of a ULO-storage facility with problems is avoided. Also, in this way, different tenders can be compared in a better way, as these are based on the same minimum requirements described in the tender document.

Saarloos is a construction company which builds ULO-storage facilities, however, when it comes to negotiation support and advisory services, our clients are of course free to choose for the construction of the facility which ever company they want.

We offer this service at a cost related to the size of the facility to be constructed. The costs we charge are between SEK 0,10 and SEK 0,20 per kg of the estimated total weight of the storage quantity of apples and/or pears that the facility is estimated to have.

This cost therefore is depending on the total capacity and complexity of the facility, and will be agreed in advance at the first initial conversation to create maximum transparency. To put the above mentioned costs in perspective, the estimated investment costs for building a ULO-storage facility (mid 2015 price levels) is approximately SEK 10,- per kg apples. Our advisory service will thus be just 1% – 2% of the total investment costs.

When considering the construction problems and mistakes which can happen, the above mentioned costs of advisory services are definitely a worthwhile investment.