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Rent a ULO-cell
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Storage space in the 'Saarloos ULO-storage'
in Vittsjö
(South Sweden)



Rental of storage space in Saarloos own ULO facility in Vittsjö. If you as a fruit grower would like to experience at first hand how it is to use a ULO-storage facility, the rental of space at Saarloos can be a good option.

The period during which you can lease storage space is "per season", or longer. We have attractive prices if you, for example, lease for a period of three seasons. If your harvest fails, and for this reason the storage space is not going to be used, you don’t need to pay for that season, and the contract is automatically prolonged one season.

The minimum required volume of apples in order to be able to lease space at our facility is 30.000 kg.

For prices and to enquire if there is space available, you are most welcome to contact us.

Leendert Saarloos
Phone +46 (0)70 352 6864

E-mail: leendert@saarloos.se