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Even though we are using the best products available in the market, things still can go wrong while the facility is operating. By implementing a preventive maintenance system, the lifetime of the various components of the ULO facility can be extended, and the risk that stops occur is minimized. Such a maintenance program makes it also possible to at the same time upgrade the components of the facility according to the latest developments and standards.

Saarloos offers a number of different services which can be adjusted according to your specific requirements. Here we present some examples.

  • Saarloos knows how important it is for clients to be able, without any delay, to be in immediate and direct contact with a ULO-specialist.
  • A maintenance service that guarantees that all components of the ULO facility are in excellent condition for usage.
  • Clients which have a maintenance contract with us, have access to an emergency helpdesk, which can be contacted 24/7, all year round. Thanks to our central location in the South of Sweden, it is possible for us to reach those clients, if required, within 12 hours in order solve problems and minimize operational stoppage.
  • Emergency call-out.
  • Repairs and refurbishment. We have a large number of spare parts stand by in our storage the South of Sweden, something which is unique in the ULO-sector. This means that you as a client have quickly access to parts necessary to be replaced. Competitors have their spare part storage located in other countries and it is not unusual that there are long delays before the spare parts can be delivered.

For our clients we have a warranty period of one year after completion of the ULO-storage facility. After the warranty period has run out, we charge a fee per assignment.